About Jivya Soma Mashe

My Brush with Art : An Anthology of Contemporary Indian Art. Lakshmi Lal, New Delhi, Rupa Co., 2004.
Lakshmi Lal started viewing contemporary Indian art in the Fifties when she moved from Chennai to live and work in Mumbai. It grew into a deep interest, almost as deep as her interest in ancient Indian myth, legend and philosophy. She is the author of The Warlis: Tribal Legends, The Ramayana,Ganesha: Beyond the Form, Shiva: Eye of the Storm, Myth and Me, The Indian Story. Contemporary Indian art is, give or take a decade, three quarters of a century old. This book covers artists who worked, grew to maturity and established themselves in the post-Independence years.
This book contents 30 texts about these artists. Among them : The seed it is that speaks/S.H. Raza, What yellow means to me/J. Swaminathan, Tapping a cosmic source/Francis Newton Souza, and To the tune of the warli pipe/Jivya Soma Mashe.

Nek Chand, Jivya Soma Mashe, Halle Saint Pierre, Paris 2007